Tides of Madness.

Eldrich Enemies.

The party traveled to the cave and fought its local inhabitants till they found a strange encampment. There they found an Illithid who has made the unlucky prince his thrall. They made a deal such that if they get a necklace from the prince’s grand mother Theya the pale that he would in return hand over the prince.

Traveling back to Bal’Dash they are confronted by the King. They basically tell him everything and the grandmother, fearing for the safety of the child convinces the king not to attack outright but agrees to hand the necklace over. It has been stolen however, and after a day of hunting bandits down the party retrieves said necklace and brings it to the Illithid.

Upon giving the necklace to him, the Illithid removes a gem from it and uses it in some alchemical ritual. The result is an odd looking stone which he uses to suck the life out of the prince and transfer it to himself. He then knocks the group unconcious.

They wake up several hours later in a sandy pit. A magical eye is watching them from the roof and they do battle with a giant scarab. After defeating it they climb their way out to discover that the giant insects layer is part of the same cave network they were just in. The camp where the alchemical ritual took place has been gutted, its equipment and various objects mostly removed. The prince remains, though he has aged significantly. They gather him up and begin the trip back to Bal’Dash. The prince does not survive the journey, he dies half way back.



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