Tides of Madness.

First steps into the new world.

After getting off of a long voyage at sea the players reach the new world. The land of opportunity promised to them was a lie; instead they arrive in a lawless land. After spending some time in the port city of Kemp the adventurers eventually flee to escape from being taken as slaves. It is on this caravan leaving the city that they all meet for the first time.

The first city state they arrived at was Bal’Dash. Staying there they meet Gregg an elvish rapscallion(lol). They also were introduced to the various people who comprised the Alchemists guild. It is there that they are told that a guilds-man has gone missing while searching for an herb in some nearby caves. This guild member is also reviled to be the King’s son.

With this information, and promise of great reward they head out in search of the lost prince.



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