Tides of Madness.

Friends, Lost and found.

Returning to the outpost of Bal’Dash our heroes are shocked to find it destroyed as though a tidal wave of sand crushed it. A part of the palace is still on fire and the crew goes to investigate where they find the dead Governor of the outpost, his head torn open and brain removed along with Gregg Valar with the lower half of his body pinned under a large piece of building, they also notice a strange lack of bodies. With some quick thinking they take him into the shelter of an abandoned building and stabilize him. While resting there the group was attacked by wildlife that came to scavenge the newly destroyed city. The battle was grueling, the nameless goliath that traveled with them was killed and the others would have been too if not for the intervention of a high inquisitor who had just arrived with a caravan heading to his native city of Klien. The surviving party members were allowed to go on the caravan and after some scrounging for food in the ruins of Bal’Dash they set off toward Klien.



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