General Information.

The new continent that has just been discovered was named Fayne by the Eladrin explorer Anarius Lonketh. It is an eighteen month trip across the sea from the “old world” as it is called. The only part of Fayne currently mapped is called Farrenshale, a vast and inhospitable dessert. To the east is a mountain range that is thought to be impassable.


The desert of Farrenshale is mostly a baron waste land. There are few villages or outposts, most of the population of the continent live in the vast city-states in and around the waterless sea.

The only city that comes close to the size of any of the five city-states is the Dwarven capital of Natal.


Though there are many ruins in Farrenshale there are few surviving sentient species. The most prominent natives to the new world are the Dwarves. They are generally deeply religious and live in isolated cities (most notably Natal) in the east, near the Titancrest mountains.


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