Farrenshale is the dessert on the Western most part of the continent of Fayne. It is bordered by the harsh Titancrest Mountains in the east and it’s coasts are protected by the much smaller Farrenshale mountain range.

The City-States.

Farrenshale has little in the way of civilization beyond the five city-states. They are: Klien, Ka’Tar, Tefra’Tep, Thadenhall, and Rattleclasp. Each one is ruled by its own immortal king. Each city is greatly influenced by the tastes and personality of the king that rules it, as such they all have different policies, laws and freedoms that they grant their citizens. That said, there is no city-state that is known for its mercy or kindness.

The Wasteland.

Ninety percent of Farrenshale is desert. It is a harsh land who’s ecology differs greatly from the old world. The various wildlife are often extremely dangerous, as are the majority of plants. Though the area around city states and the typical caravan routs are well mapped the vast majority of the Wasteland is unmapped. Ruins of many long dead civilizations dot the sands, unseen by sentient eyes in thousands of years. Merchants pay highly for artifacts from these ruins making them popular among treasure hunters and adventurers, but they are also known for their dangers and few of these would be tomb raiders return from their quest.


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