Gregg Valar

Rogueish sidekick to the party. Pun intended.


An elf, average height, long black hair, one leg, brown eyes. Commonly wares sleeveless dark brown leather armor and dirty white loosely fitting linen pants.


Gregg grew up in a tight knit clan of elves. They wandered the dessert for several years raiding caravans before Gregg left them for a life in the outpost of Bal’Dash. There on the streets he learned quickly how to make a living for himself as a professional thief and con artist.

When Bal’Dash was destroyed Gregg was nearly killed. Through some quick action on the adventuring party’s part they managed to save his life at the cost of his right leg, a wound from which he is still recovering. He is currently traveling with the party.

Gregg Valar

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