Tides of Madness.

Toward Klien
Finding new friends on the road.

With the recent loss of their Goliath friend our heroes are in ill spirits. A young boy who runs messages between carts in the caravan gives them the run down of who they are traveling with. A Dragonborn noble, a wandering tinker, an old merchant woman, a mysterious roguish figure, a typical delivery company, and a slaver transporting his goods.

On the way to Klien the caravan our heroes are in stop for the night and set up camp. Unknown to everyone in the caravan their camp was set up near the sight of some ancient massacre; the whispers of ghosts lure some of the party outside the camp as well as a young Dragonborn noble named Tier. The party together with the noble and the rogue in the caravan manage to fight they way free and move the camp from the haunted sight. In doing so they earn the trust and respect of the noble as well as the allegiance of the mysterious rogue (Travis’ new character).

The next day while traveling the group is invited to the noble’s covered wagon. His name is Tier and he thanks them heartily for saving him from the evil spirits. After some probing questions Tier inquires weather or not they will join him and his compatriots in a guerrilla rebellion against the emperor of Klien, Logain. He informs the adventurers of Logain’s tyrannical rule. After some consideration the three adventurers determine that it is in their best interest to help Tier. Having a friend in the cut throat cities is a good idea and having a friend of noble blood is an even better one.

The caravan continues for days and eventually arrives at Klien.

Friends, Lost and found.

Returning to the outpost of Bal’Dash our heroes are shocked to find it destroyed as though a tidal wave of sand crushed it. A part of the palace is still on fire and the crew goes to investigate where they find the dead Governor of the outpost, his head torn open and brain removed along with Gregg Valar with the lower half of his body pinned under a large piece of building, they also notice a strange lack of bodies. With some quick thinking they take him into the shelter of an abandoned building and stabilize him. While resting there the group was attacked by wildlife that came to scavenge the newly destroyed city. The battle was grueling, the nameless goliath that traveled with them was killed and the others would have been too if not for the intervention of a high inquisitor who had just arrived with a caravan heading to his native city of Klien. The surviving party members were allowed to go on the caravan and after some scrounging for food in the ruins of Bal’Dash they set off toward Klien.

Eldrich Enemies.

The party traveled to the cave and fought its local inhabitants till they found a strange encampment. There they found an Illithid who has made the unlucky prince his thrall. They made a deal such that if they get a necklace from the prince’s grand mother Theya the pale that he would in return hand over the prince.

Traveling back to Bal’Dash they are confronted by the King. They basically tell him everything and the grandmother, fearing for the safety of the child convinces the king not to attack outright but agrees to hand the necklace over. It has been stolen however, and after a day of hunting bandits down the party retrieves said necklace and brings it to the Illithid.

Upon giving the necklace to him, the Illithid removes a gem from it and uses it in some alchemical ritual. The result is an odd looking stone which he uses to suck the life out of the prince and transfer it to himself. He then knocks the group unconcious.

They wake up several hours later in a sandy pit. A magical eye is watching them from the roof and they do battle with a giant scarab. After defeating it they climb their way out to discover that the giant insects layer is part of the same cave network they were just in. The camp where the alchemical ritual took place has been gutted, its equipment and various objects mostly removed. The prince remains, though he has aged significantly. They gather him up and begin the trip back to Bal’Dash. The prince does not survive the journey, he dies half way back.

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First steps into the new world.

After getting off of a long voyage at sea the players reach the new world. The land of opportunity promised to them was a lie; instead they arrive in a lawless land. After spending some time in the port city of Kemp the adventurers eventually flee to escape from being taken as slaves. It is on this caravan leaving the city that they all meet for the first time.

The first city state they arrived at was Bal’Dash. Staying there they meet Gregg an elvish rapscallion(lol). They also were introduced to the various people who comprised the Alchemists guild. It is there that they are told that a guilds-man has gone missing while searching for an herb in some nearby caves. This guild member is also reviled to be the King’s son.

With this information, and promise of great reward they head out in search of the lost prince.


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